The Huge Smart watch Perks


For habitual holiday makers or travelers, getting around new cities and towns can be a whole lot of a problem. While you can still walk around following directions from the phone, many of the glass and aluminum devices have met the hard, cold concrete due to that practice. You want to reduce the chance of dropping and breaking your phone while trying to follow directions.

Best Wearables Yet


Wearable, are instead a more convenient way to get around unknown cities. All directions are sent to the wrist device, alerting you when and where turns should be taken. One of the biggest arguments about smart watches is that they just do the same things smartphones can. This is very true. However, these smart wrist devices are not there to replace your smartphone. They are here to complement the functions of your phone by providing convenient usability.


Key Smart Watch Uses

Is there anything a smart watch can do that a smartphone can’t or what makes it a worthwhile investment? With these kinds of questions, it is obvious some people will need better persuasion before taking the jump.


Smart watch Not Only for Telling Time

Watches have a rich history in many societies and communities. It is not uncommon therefore to find that most people prefer wearing a watch. But why do they wear one? Mostly it is because of the function: telling time; or just because it is fashionable. A great watch can be irresistible on anyone’s wrist.

The advent of smartphones is slowly making wrist watches less popular among the must have accessories. Why buy a wrist watch when your phone you the time, comes with a calendar and an alarm? This valid point can also be used to explain the decreasing trend in watch sales over the last few years. Smart watches, on the other hand, buck this trend because what they offer is somewhat different. They offer all the basic functions of a watch, but go beyond to do tasks smartphones cannot.


The Best Travel Buddy

It is not once that a smart watch as being someone that knows more about the things you need that you do. For instance, the Apple Watch delivers different vibrations to the wrist, telling you whether to turn left or right when following directions in a new area.

This is a much superior function compared to constantly checking the smartphone, for instance. Users can follow an invisible guide that informs them where to go. You can get one among the thousands of comfortable Apple watch bands, and feel free to move around the new travel destination without worrying the smart wrist device getting soaked in sweat. Looking up and taking in different sceneries all through the directions guide, in the place of staring at the map.


A smart watch makes it easier to find a key, device or phone. It goes without saying losing keys or a phone can be extremely frustrating. And it often happens just before an important occasion you don’t want to get late for. Look for smart watches with ‘Find Phone’ feature. This function allows you to connect with the phone or another device. You can always ring the device through the phone when it’s necessary.