Using Forskolin to Lose Weight and Gain Muscle Mass

Forskolin, also commonly referred to as Coleonol, is an emerging popular way to burn fat. It is a labdane diterpene, which is classified as an organic compound. If used properly, it can achieve the muscle mass and weight loss that is desired. However, understanding this new method of weight loss is imperative to overall fitness goals.

Forskolin is derived from an herb called coleus forskohlii. It is an active ingredient in this herb and is most popular due to its anabolic actions. To understand this further, anabolic actions have to do with metabolism and “bringing up” organs and tissues. It allows for growth and differentiation of cells, which can lead to an increase in body size (i.e. muscle mass). This active ingredient works by activating an enzyme in the body known as adenylate cyclase. Following the activation of this enzyme causes an array of events to take place, one of which is activating lipoprotein lipase, a hormone sensitive protein. This event allows fat cells to be broken down and used as energy.

Studies performed by researchers at The University of Kansas at Lawrence displayed that men who were taking the supplement for 12 weeks had higher levels of testosterone and had a higher percentage of body fat loss than the placebo group. It increased the men’s testosterone levels by 16.77%. In addition, women who underwent the study lost an average of 9.17 pounds over an 8 week period. The female subjects did not participate in weight training and still received the benefits of lean body mass.

It is an excellent supplement to use, particularly for men and women, who want to see an increase in muscle mass and testosterone levels and lose body fat. Users of the product will experience an increase in metabolism, fat burned, the number of triglycerides broken down, and an overall increase in lean-body mass.

Forskolin has been compared to popular TSH, also referred to as thyrotropin, because of the sheer strength at which it stimulates thyroids. It is also great in that it will work alongside other fat burners someone is taking, which is why it was included in Biotest’s popular “fat burner.” Not many supplements do this and it is certainly an added bonus.

Essentially, users of the supplement are mimicking a diet that is mild in calories and exercise without exercising or restricting one’s diet; however, adding exercise in conjunction with the supplement can improve desired results.